: part I 

year 2019

Harit Srikhao’s series of photographs, The Prince Without A Kingdom, A Man Without Warmth explores the theme of western and cowboy culture through the framework of eastern culture.
Srikhao looked to Science-Fiction films and Japanese animation which explores western techniques and style but still keeps the roots of eastern culture
and its culture in fact such as Akira (1988) and Tokyo Godfather (2003) as inspiration.

Srikhao is interested in story telling in his photographs.
This can be seen in the use of black and white in reference to graphic novel
and film noir and in the notion of “the gaze” through the composition of his subject matter.

In this particular series, Srikhao convey two dark and fictional narratives.
A diptych displays the story of an eight legged baby, a subject secretly tested by the government. The baby has been taken by a soldier and time traveled to another dimension
in an attempt to escape capture by another ministry.

Another tale is set in a love hotel near Sanam Luang where a male prostitute awaits his client, a fifth-eating spirit from classical Thai ghost tales pictured seated in shiny leather seat.

- Introduction text by ATT19 Gallery