year 2019

Editorial series by Lure Media in Berlin

Harit Srikhao is one of Bangkok’s most lauded young photographers.
He made waves in the Thai arts scene in 2017
when the military confiscated his works.
LURE first featured the 23-year-old in Young Bloods Episode 03: Bangkok.
Whether he's examining political turmoil and propaganda in his award-winning photo-collage series Whitewash, or Thailand’s relationship with religion and royalty in
Mt. Meru,
Harit's an artist known for taking risks in a conservative society.

But the newly minted Berliner finds himself in unfamiliar waters in the German capital,
where hedonism and liberalism reign supreme.
Unlike in Bangkok, where artists have to navigate strict censorship
, there's no taboo too risqué for Berlin’s artists to play with.

So we challenged Harit to portray his first impressions of the German capital.
Through his work, the mysticism of Berlin's underground meets the optimism of a city
that's survived political and social upheaval throughout its history.

"Berlin is where younger generations receive power from older generations,"
he says. "Berlin is the best place for youth to seize the day."

- an introduction text by Lure Media